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Turns out, there are natural ways to repel mosquitos AND avoid dousing yourself in bug spray. Here are some easy plants to include around your house this summer to help prevent the yearly onslaught of mosquitos. 

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According to oncology dietitians around the world, research shows a direct connection between diet and cancer outcomes. Healthy choices are tantamount to positive cancer outcomes, and this month, Stockslagers is joining forces with Women’s Wellness and Noble Circle to illuminate how gardening can help prevent and fight cancer, and how the very foods in your garden can give you a better life.

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Gardening is a wonderful childhood activity that improves cognitive and physical development in countless ways. Children are bound to remember the happy memories of their growing-up gardens for the rest of their lives. Planting a seed, taking care of the seedling, and watching a plant grow to a large, healthy plant is like magic for kids.

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This year at Stockslagers we put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide – because from day one, our moms help us flower and bloom.  

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It’s April, which means it’s time to get the party – I mean garden – started!

First thing’s first. A healthy garden requires healthy soil, and when’s the last time you checked your soil? Especially if you’re starting a fresh garden on a new plot, testing the soil is very important. Making sure your soil has a good PH balance, isn’t too sandy or heavy in clay, and can support a healthy garden is going to make all the difference in yield and health of your plants.

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Did you know that pansies are edible? This whimsical springtime flower is not only a front-porch favorite, but it’s also a lovely food accent. Pansies are chock full of vital nutrients such as Vitamin C, Potassium, and Antioxidants. Their mild, fresh flavor has grassy notes and a minty, wintergreen aftertaste. These pretty little flowers serve as both décor and food – and they’re almost too pretty to eat.

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